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The great outdoors!

Making of your home an artwork

The great outdoors!

If you ask anyone who is a full time
resident here in Tenerife or in fact just come over for the winter
months why they choose Tenerife the number one reason will be the
climate! We all love the sun and are trying to escape the the grey
skies of Britain or any where else in Europe.

I had friends over not so long ago from the UK and as we were sitting in my garden they said how lucky I was just to be able to sit and eat outside at any time of the year, as I have lived here for most of my life I hadn’t really given this so much thought until then and realized that maybe this is something I take for granted.

Whatever outside space you have it is
often where most of your time is spent when at home therefore your
exterior furniture is just as important as the interior.

Comfort and durability are the main
point needed to bear in mind when looking for outside furniture.

With the good also comes the bad with
most things and the sunshine is no exception, and in my experience it
doesn’t matter how much you spend or what material you choose for
your furniture it needs to be looked after to some degree.

With wood you need to know it will require a lot of TLC each year, at least twice a year coating with a good teak oil. Allowing to soak in, this means the areas of the wood you cant see as well when the parts you can see, otherwise the wood will shrink and crack and in no time at all will look very sorry for its self.

Rattan tends to be a lot more durable
and less maintenance. Be sure it is a UV protected rattan and if you
have your property empty some part of the year covers are advised
when not being used.

At Muebles Chic we are getting ready for spring and have had many new ranges of different outside furniture new in this week and are reducing old stock also. Pop in and see us or check out our website www.muebleschic.com

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